About the Notecards


100% of the profit to go to charity


This packet contains six note cards and envelopes featuring different

illustrations donated by Surrey-based artist Christine J. Allen who

has been painting and exhibiting in the Home Counties for a few

years. The cat and dog pictures in this collection are a new direction

for the artist whose painting has been focused on landscapes and

still life until a few months ago.


Created especially for the note cards, these were inspired by work

the artist has been doing for a novel entitled Life in the Cat’s Lane.

It is one of several initiatives spearheaded by the Mspec.co.uk

communications consultancy, headed by Diana Comber, to raise

funds for The National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery to

support treatment and prevention of brain-related diseases.


If you would like to provide additional help to the Hospital, then

please write or call:


The National Hospital Development Foundation,

Queen Square, London WC1 3BG.

Tel: 0207 829 8724


We would appreciate it if you would cite Mspec.co.uk as your point

of contact.


Mspec.co.uk Surrey, England, United Kingdom, www.mspec.co.uk



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