A hilarious book about a dog - allegedly written

by a cat, in an extraordinary diary

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READER COMMENT:  Human to cat!

Life in the Cat’s Lane is attracting reader reaction from far and wide.              


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You could get published like this reader from America who wrote:

Like the Wizard of OZ

This book is zany, creative and hysterically funny!  I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. I especially loved the part where the Cat says:  “It was DOG after all, but Dog as I’ve never seen Dog – drenched, drowned and soaked beyond recognition!” It was like the turning point for the cat, like seeing the real Wizard of Oz!  

P. Musulin,

Mt Laurel, NJ





YOUR CAT Magazine

A  tongue-in-cheek literary effort teetering between catastrophe and triumph!


OURCATS Magazine

Funny and irreverent! Book Reviewer Sheena Stratton claimed that A.S. must be “challenging to be the next Bridget Jones,” to which the feisty feline is alleged to have meowed in reply, Certainly not! There’s no challenge where success is assured.




American teenager from New England

Made me laugh out loud and got me thinking like a cat…


Ex-British Army financial services advisor

A unique and intuitive insight into human behaviour from the feline

point of view


Yorkshireman and non-fiction writer

Novel and original…


British management consultant

A fantastic lot of drivel…I loved it!


West Highland terrier dog owner

A book you can dip into and enjoy!


German-born technology company chief executive

Very very funny!  The vocabulary is fantastic – it should become

a textbook in English Literature…


Ex-pat British woman living in America

I simply sat there reading it, laughing like an idiot!




Fluffy Corney Cat, Tonbridge, Kent wrote:

I can relate to your troubles as they did bring back painful memories when, 11 years ago, my owner suddenly brought home a small human. Things have, for me, never been quite the same again. Grrr!




The Abyssinians speak

A.S. Cat’s diary has at least one breed of pedigree cats “spitting slugs,” if heated comment from several Abyssinians on the internet is anything to go by.  While an online cat crit from one Isis D’Lynx gave the self-made moggy’s book a basic paws up, it still ended on somewhat of a twitchy note.


Said puss concluded her otherwise favourable remarks by castigating A.S. for his “misguided assumption that all pedigree cats are over bred and useless.”  Which in turn created a furore of frantic meowings on the Isis Meows blog giving a voice to Abyssinians worldwide.


Another crit from an American-based Aby called Latte came in, which speculated that A.S. was probably not really anti-pedigree, but only “cranky because of the dog that invaded his world.”


However, a sorrel Abyssinian Sen-Chan gave A.S. a paws up, indicating the following to his owner for internet posting, namely:  “It was a good read despite the horrors it depicted.  I did enjoy the monthly overview and have decided to make ‘Purr Maximus’ into one of my favourite expressions!


I would definitely recommend reading it, if only as a sad expose of how pathetic people can be. All of my friends know me to be the gentlest of cats but if I ever come across ‘that woman’ (referring to A.S. Cat’s alleged owner), I will definitely find the softest bits on her and BITE!”


Note:  If YOUR cat has any comments to make, please email them to the author HERE.


Full Text of the Isis D’Lynx Book Review:

What a wonderful book this is!  At first I was skeptical of this first paw account of life with a Chow Chow and a pretty poor excuse of an owner but soon I found myself really enthralled by it.


You certainly get a good look at the workings of A.S. Cat’s brain as he works out how to use the invading foe (a.k.a. Dog) to his advantage. Not easy when faced with a dog who seems to be at least part cat - I mean it’s curious and very unpredictable for a member of the canine species! Though not once do you feel the need to pity Cat (and a good job too -- cats HATE pity).  After all if Sooty had only but trained his alleged owner properly to start with, none of this would have happened surely.


Having pawed my way through the book, I feel I have learnt a number of valuable life lessons though. Firstly, to extract a vow from Mummy  that I can have her committed if she ever so much as mentions the thought of bringing home a Chow! Secondly, that given a good deal of training, even the most scurrilous of owners or dogs might eventually be reformed. Lastly,  I am far more appreciative of Mummy now, seeing that she came to me well trained!


The only bone I have to pick with A.S. Cat is over his misguided assumption that all pedigree cats or house cats are over bred and useless.  This is far from the truth, especially where Abyssinians are concerned!




Pets’ Perspective – Owner Outshone

A very special, funny and engaging book for all pet lovers – I adored the dialogue, sympathised with the owner and it kept my interest right to the end…

M Howarth, North Yorkshire,


Feline v Canine: The Everlasting War of Attrition

A wry look at day-to-day life in a Superior Cat’s home when invaded by a usurper with no respect for tradition. Life in the Cat’s Lane is entirely from the cat’s perspective. His opinions on life, inter-animal and inter-human relationships and the required levels of “owner” training in a domestic environment are sharp and to the point – and wonderfully biased.

Maori Jazz Lady, London, England


What a Cat!

A thoroughly good read with lots of humour – maintained to the very end…and what is also great is that he is 100% cat, not an anthropomorphised creature. We see the world through his eyes…

V Thame, Hampshire, England